Five Writers Looking For a Group

Writers Wednesday July 2012







We all must admit that life often gets in the way of our passions, despite our best intentions.  That special talent — like writing for example — gets smothered beneath the daily checklist of work, family, paying the bills, and making sure the boundaries of our lives haven’t changed.  At least, that’s what happens to me, despite making new resolutions to commit myself to my writing.

So I walked into a recent Writers Wednesday at the Capital Ale House in Midlothian feeling … well, like a penitent going to confession.  After my last WW, I had been determined to get a draft together and head out into the gauntlet of a new critique group.  But the months had passed swiftly without any action on my part.  Would my fellow writers sympathize with my false starts?


No Longer a Writer Alone

I am constantly lamenting a lack of writing groups in my town. Sure, I have a few trusted friends and former professors who hear me out on fledgling ideas or read the drafts that I hurriedly piece together. But I can’t seem to find a solid writing community that extends beyond the people I already know.

Nervous, yet eager for new perspectives, I worked up the courage to travel to the Capital Ale House in Innsbrook.  I had heard about the James River Writers-sponsored Writers Wednesdays for months now from their e-newsletter.  But I had never gone because I didn’t know what to expect — the idea of “networking” seemed too purposeful.  I’m not as deft in conversation as I am on paper.