2014 Emyl Jenkins Award Winner Announced

 Richmond, VA — James River Writers is pleased to announce that Denise Golinowski is the 2014 winner of the Emyl Jenkins Award.

Emyl Jenkins Award Chair Shauna Christos and 2014 Award Winner Denise Golinowski

Emyl Jenkins Award Chair Shawna Christos and 2014 Award Winner Denise Golinowski

The award honors the memory of the late Emyl Jenkins, passionate writing advocate and much-missed JRW member, by acknowledging those in Virginia who best represent her love of connecting and encouraging all writers.

Denise is a founding member of the RichWriters critique group and has been an active member of James River Writers and Virginia Romance Writers over the years. Additionally, she runs her own blog and contributes to a blog for local romance writers called Tea and Strumpets. In these capacities, she has earned a reputation for providing thoughtful and constructive criticism and support in a manner that improves her colleagues’ writing and is encouraging toward other writers. (more…)

Emyl Jenkins Award Accepting Nominations

Emyl Jenkins 1941-2010








To honor the memory of Emyl Jenkins, who died in 2010, James River Writers presents an award to an organization or person who, as Emyl did, inspires a love of writing and writing education in Virginia.

An advocate for writers and their readers, Emyl had a knack for connecting both people and organizations. She shared her time and expertise with everyone she encountered. She encouraged writers at all levels, especially fledglings trying to get those first words down on the page. Her generous spirit and her enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone she touched, and her actions widened the circle of writing encouragement.

Award Details

Any Virginia individual or organization is eligible, except for members of the JRW board of directors or the advisory board.

JRW Announces Emyl Jenkins Award Recipients Sophia Volpi, Louise Ball, and Hampton Roads Writers

James River Writers is pleased to announce the 2013 winners of the Emyl Jenkins Award: Hampton Roads Writers and the team of Sophia Volpi and Louise Ball.

Shawna Christos with Emyl Jenkins in 2009

Award Chair Shawna Christos with Emyl Jenkins in 2009

The awards honor the memory of the late Emyl Jenkins, passionate writing advocate and much-missed JRW member, by acknowledging those in Virginia who best represent her love of connecting and encouraging all writers.

“We all need the laughter and encouragement that she brought to our lives, and since she’s no longer with us, we need to know of the others who are making Virginia a better place for all of us writers,” said award committee chair Shawna Christos.


Emyl Jenkins Award Winners Sophia Volpi and Louise Ball

A powerful team strengthening the Charlottesville writing community, Sophia Volpi and Louise Ball have worked tirelessly as co-Municipal Liaisons for their local NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and as co-founders of the WriterHouse SFF (Sci-Fi/Fantasty/Speculative Fiction) Group. (more…)

Remembering Emyl Jenkins

Just Ten Days Left to Submit Emyl Jenkins Award Nominations

by Shawna Christos
JRW Board Member

Emyl Jenkins 1941-2010Being asked to write about Emyl Jenkins and the James River Writers award named for her has not been an easy task for me, many words have been written and many more deleted. These are the best ones I could find to try to explain the Emyl I knew, and why the JRW Award named for her is important.

She was so multi-faceted and involved in so many organizations and with so many people that I’m sure everyone thinks of her a bit differently. From her beloved garden, antiques, and work with several organizations, as well as her own writing and books, Emyl never seemed to slow down much. With all this, she also was never failing in her support and encouragement of other writers, no matter their age, no matter where they were in their writing skills or endeavors. (more…)

Celebrating Creative Spirits: 2012 Jenkins Award Recipients

“Give back to your community and your industry.  Become a mentor or an intern sponsor … Never forget to credit those who helped you become the artist and the person you are today. Give back and you too will receive.”

Creative consultant Mary Virginia Swanson used these sentences to end a piece called “A Brief List of Self-Assignments for Artists.” While this may seem like easy advice to follow, sometimes it is equally instructive to learn from another’s example.  James River Writers nurtures a similar creative spirit by hosting Writers Wednesdays, organizing yearly conferences, and finding myriad opportunities to bring writers together in central Virginia.  But an honor like the Emyl Jenkins Award allows an organization like JRW to recognize the individuals and organizations that also strengthen the local writing community.


A First for Two: 2011 Jenkins Award Recipients

Congratulations to Jean Anderson and WriterHouse for receiving the first Emyl Jenkins Awards. Anderson is Richmond liaison for National Novel Writing Month and WriterHouse is a nonprofit writers’ community in Charlottesville.

Here is more about the winners:

Jean Anderson
Nominated by Kristi Austin Tuck

Jean Anderson visiting a school in Hampton Roads to introduce NaNoWriMo to students During National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), writers around the
world each try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Last year, more than 200,000 writers participated — 366 in Richmond wrote 7,865,382 words — including Anderson, a science fiction writer also known as “LuckyJean” among NaNoWriMo participants. The judges cited Anderson for encouraging writers, especially fledglings, to get words down on the page, something Jenkins did with infectious enthusiasm.

Nominated by Heather K. Michon

WriterHouse Since 2008, WriterHouse has served writers at all levels by offering work space, writing classes, seminars, critique groups, readings and events. Michon nominated the group for the way it builds a community for writers in the Charlottesville area. In WriterHouse, the judges saw the reflection of Emyl Jenkins’ knack for connecting people.

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