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Jame River Writers is seeking college-aged applicants to serve in an advisory and volunteer capacity. We can share our great network of writers, our experience, and our exceptional programming. We’re looking for  your enthusiasm, new ideas, expertise, and willingness to help out.

Please either write up your responses to the following questions in a document that you can email to our office or use this Google Form to apply.

Applications, including recommendation letter, due by April 15, 2016.

Please supply the following information. Email to

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Experience in literature and literary groups *
List any experience you have with literary groups such as literary magazines, clubs, organizations, or publishing.

Why do you want to be part of the Youth Advisory Board of James River Writers? *
In 2-3 paragraphs, give us a sense of why you’d be a good member, in your own words. What types of activities would you like to be involved with and what might you bring to the position that another candidate might not?

Understanding of Commitment to YAB *
Here are the commitments required of all YAB members. Once you read them, do you believe you can meet them? 1. Participate in all Youth Advisory Board meetings (6 per calendar year). 2. Volunteer at JRW events and/or participate on an existing committee (for example, Writing Shows, Writers’ Farmhouse, reading for the best unpublished or self-published novel contests, serving on the conference committee). 3. Volunteer at least one day at the James River Writers Conference in October. 4. Help publicize JRW’s events by sharing on social media. 5. Nominate at least one person to serve as a YAB member by December of each year that you are involved with the organization. 6. Participate in a group photo and provide a two-sentence biography for our website. 7. Sign up for, open, and read Get Your Word On, our monthly e-newsletter, to stay informed about the organization’s mission, services, and programs. 8. Update a Google Drive document to keep track of your volunteer hours.

Please state whether or not you believe you can meet the above requirements.

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