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February Writing Show — Behind the Screen: Storytelling through Filmmaking

February 7th, 2014

Stories transcend time and place. Rina Goldberg, who passed away two weeks after her fifteenth birthday from Mitochondrial Disease, knew the truth behind the truism. Some of her final words to her mother were “promise to take care of my film.” Whether you want to sell a script or write a novel, you can draw inspiration from Rina and some of the most tenacious artists on the planet: filmmakers.

The latest in James River Writer’s Writing Show series, Behind the Screen: Storytelling through Filmmaking, on Thursday, February 27, at the Camel, brings together a selection of award-winning directors and screenwriters from the Richmond International Film Festival. Moderator Julie Geen, writer and teacher, will guide the discussion about navigating the changing industry, what makes a good story, and how to stay motivated. (more…)

Recap of the January Writing Show — Great Expectations: The Realities of Self-publishing

February 6th, 2014

The latest in James River Writer’s Writing Show series, Great Expectations: The Realities of Self-publishing, held on Thursday January 30 at the Camel, featured three authors with distinctly different stories and some great advice for those looking to self-publish. Moderated by Bill Blume, JRW treasurer and author of Tales of a 10th Grade Vampire Hunter, the panel, including Leila Gaskin, Rosemary Rawlins, and David Kazzie, shared their experiences in the ever-more-respectable arena of self-publishing, and fielded questions from the audience during the second half of the show. (more…)