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A New Chapter For Anne Westrick

February 15th, 2013

A writer often faces a solo journey filled with uncertainty, self-doubt and even frustration. Sometimes the right words or necessary inspiration are not readily at her fingertips. Fortunately at James River Writers there are people who understand and are there to help, and one of those has been Anne Westrick. Anne has been an integral part of this organization for seven years. Her career at JRW went from volunteer to Conference Chair to her last role as Administrative Director, from which she resigned in January 2013.

Anne is a published author, wife, mother, and–as many people have testified–an invaluable contributor to this organization. “James River Writers has a great reputation in the Richmond community, and I think one of the reasons is because we have had Anne’s smiling face making each person who comes into contact with JRW feel valued and appreciated,” said Katharine Herndon, Executive Director of JRW.

During her lunch break, Anne graciously shared her thoughts about JRW and life in general. (more…)

Thinking about Attending the February Writing Show?

February 11th, 2013

Julie Geen
Moderator of the February Writing Show

How Screenwriting Helped My Novel

When I first started writing screenplays, I was pretty sure I was going to Hollywood.  It took me three scripts and a near miss with selling one of them to finally accept that perhaps it wasn’t going to happen. But I don’t regret one single, delusional minute of those years. (more…)

Beyond Hollywood: Local and Indie Filmmakers Talk About Their Craft

February 8th, 2013

The Writing Show

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Pencil by Sheri Blume


Richmond International Film Festival partners with JRW to bring you an evening with screenwriters, directors and producers. Whether you’re a movie lover, aspiring screenwriter or a writer looking to recycle your unpublished novel, enjoy an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn about the business and craft of getting a script produced.